The TRX is the perfect tool to help you stay in shape when you travel!

TRX® Suspension Training

The TRX Suspension Trainer is the first complete bodyweight training system that allows hundreds of functional exercises for both athletes and individuals of all abilities. The TRX is highly effective at improving core stability, functional strength and flexibility.  Users of all fitness levels can perform functional exercises for the entire body using only bodyweight resistance. Exercisers choose the degree of difficulty- from very light to very challenging- simply by changing their body position. No additional weight is required! The TRX is very portable, easy to set-up indoors or out, and provides a full-body workout and an intense cardio challenge all with one affordable piece of equipment!

Suspension Training builds superior muscular balance, joint stability, mobility, and core strength, helping you perform better in any sport.  It also improves posture and helps prevent injuries. Come give it a try! Just give me a call to schedule an appointment to check out this incredible training tool! 

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TRX training is ideal for-

· Functional Strength Training

· Sport Specific Training

· Flexibility and Rehabilitation

· Rock Climbers, Golfers, Tennis Players, Endurance Athletes… Any athlete who wants to improve their sports performance!

· Check out the specially designed TRX programs for golf, tennis, sports performance and back health- all created by top experts in each field!

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