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Glassy morning water as we paddle to the island.

Circling the island and looking for wildlife.

Mother and daughter enjoying an adventure together.

Oak grove in Cozy Dell Canyon.

Climbing to the peak of Cozy Dell Canyon.

Beautiful views across the Ojai valley and beyond.

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Great herons are a common sighting.

It was a beautiful morning on the lake, with sunny skies and smooth water.† After the paddle we enjoyed a picnic lunch in the shade of a giant oak and then hiked the Cozy Dell Trail near Ojai.

Lake Casitas Kayak & Hiking Trip

This beautiful hike was guided by Robert Evans of GoOjai. It was a 7 hour adventure taking our group to several waterfalls in the backcountry of Ojai.†

Matilija Falls Hike, Ojai

The rambling creek formed several beautiful ponds.

Climbing to the last and most beautiful set of falls.

The final falls in Matilija Canyon- worth the effort!

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The trail head of this challenging hike was deep in the mountains of Ojai and climbed to a series of dry lake beds. We hiked along ridges that provided views of the Topa Topa Mountains and the Channel Islands.

Dry Lakes Hike, Ojai

Anacapa Island Kayak Trip

It was a sunny, but breezy, fall day at the island.† We explored the famous arch, sea caves and rocky shore of Anacapa while watching sea lions and pelicans hunting for fish.† We didnít have the fortune of seeing any whales or dolphins on the boat ride over, but maybe next time...

It was a sunny and calm on the water as we kayaked to the island and explored its coves and shoreline.† The herons were nesting in the eucalyptus trees and the mustard flowers towered over our heads as we hiked!† It was a perfect spring morning up in Ojai!

Lake Casitas Family Kayak Trip