Leopard Lilies on the Mishe Mokwa Trail.

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Debbie Aleman

Phone: 805-796-3119

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I believe that for a program to work for you it needs to be a gradual process that comes from the heartĖ a genuine desire to improve your life.† We take each step one day at a time so that exercising and eating better is not just a quick, temporary fix, instead it becomes part of who you are.† Itís a process of building confidence in your body and itís abilities; of creating a desire to treat your body with the care and respect it deserves. Itís also about realizing that itís not a luxury to treat yourself well. Taking care of yourself is essential to succeeding in anything you do; whether itís in your career, raising a family or having the ability to live out your dreams. A strong, healthy body is a key element in living a healthy, balanced life. I believe that it is also important to provide yourself a chance to disconnect from our crowded world and itís hectic paceĖ to reconnect with the natural world around us. This beautiful, natural environment maximizes the stress reducing benefits that exercise provides; keeping you feeling young and allowing you to reconnect with yourself.


To inspire individuals to experience a greater sense of balance and well-being in their lives by empowering, educating and motivating using nutritional and lifestyle guidance along with exercise programs designed specifically for the unique individual and the inspiring outdoor environment.

Services Provided:

Personal Training-† Including fitness assessments, body composition testing, strength training, cardio respiratory training, balance, core and flexibility training and sport-specific training. Training is provided in either a private or a group class setting.

Nutritional CounselingĖ Weight loss, weight maintenance & sports nutrition advice.

Healthy Lifestyle Counseling-† Motivation, advice on goal setting, lifestyle modifications, time management and prioritizing.

Adventure Travel CoordinatorĖ† Trip design including; location, activities, accommodations, instructor/guide services, equipment rental arrangements, and††† on-location facilitator/guide for all trips.